3 Questions Customers Ask About Your Food

You know more than anyone that the art of eating is more than just the taste and appeal of food. People nowadays seek to know the inner workings of your art, after all – it’s all part of the foodie experience. And so, how well do you know your restaurants? They ask and you shall deliver!

Here’s a guide on how you can cater to the curiosity of your customers – get on top of your game by knowing the secrets to these frequently asked questions!

Is your food good for my diet?

Whether it’s from their doctor’s orders, their diet coach, that fitness personality on YouTube, or MyFitnessPal, most customers are genuinely conscious about the food they eat – and they are completely valid! Choosing to dine in your restaurant means they are counting on the quality of your service and offerings, enough to either risk or reward their current diet. So don’t be surprised if they shower you with questions before ordering, instead, it’s best to be prepared!

Nutrition plan

Where do your ingredients come from?

It’s all all about tracing back to the roots (literally) of your food you serve! Do you purchase from family farms or factory farms? Are these locally produced or exported from overseas? Yes, these kinds of things are important to your customers because it serves as a way for them to get to know the intricacies of the food you offer beyond what is written in the menu. And as restaurant owners, knowing these things will help you make informed decisions to beef up the nutritional value and quality of your food.

When a customer asks you this, think of it as a good sign! Because it means that they are sincerely interested in knowing your story. So go ahead and tell them the tale of your food – from its roots to its rations.

Fresh Ingredients

How sustainable and ethical are your practices?

More than just the cuisine, it’s also about the culture! As we become more progressive, so should your practices in the food industry. From ethical practices in food sanitation, cruelty-free products, professional integrity, community engagement; to sustainable practices in food packaging, waste management, carbon emissions, and healthy menu options – get ready to reveal the heart of your restaurant!

Entice your customers not only with a taste of their cravings but appeal to the truth of their conscience as well.

Questions to restaurants

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