5 Hacks to Restaurant Marketing on Instagram

Did you know that the total number of daily active Instagram users is at 1.9 billion and about 200 million are businesses? Customers have gone digital, and so should you!

With Instagram’s versatile functionality and high growth potential for marketing, it’s time to reimagine the way you use the app in order to reach your customers through their screens.

Here are a few tips on how to play your A game on Instagram to keep ‘em customers coming!

Feed with your feed

Ever wonder why they say people eat with their eyes first? It’s because the first thing customers see when they visit your profile is your feed! When people choose where to eat, it’s first about appeal and second about taste. So how do you make a good first impression with your Instagram feed?

First, set your energies on good food photography! It’s all about using lighting and angles to your advantage. A good and preferably natural light source is your best friend – it will help you optimize the resolution of your photos better so that even that tiniest and juiciest small piece of raisin is noticeable. Next, choose an angle that best encapsulates the essence of your food, the best angles differ depending on the type of food you’re featuring – try top angles for pizzas and platters and front or side angles for burgers and beverages!

Leave them drooling from your feed alone!

Make your brand image known

Let your Instagram tell a story. First, make sure that your profile is set to answer the most basic questions before they are even asked. What kind of food do you serve? Where are you located? What deals and promos do you offer? Your answers to these questions will influence the customers’ perception of your restaurant, even before they taste your food.

Make your values known and impart a message to your audience – meet them where they are by being unique, authentic, and specific. Usually, starting with a smaller niche can help you expand more in the long run. Remember to engage and be part of a community – may it be with customers, related businesses, or just fellow foodies like you, being involved in a dynamic culture will raise your brand image up and running!

Pro tip: you can utilize your Instagram Highlights to create a series of content corresponding to which aspects of your restaurant you want to feature. Check out Savorite’s Highlights on IG to get inspired!

Use relevant keywords and hashtags

Outsmart Instagram’s algorithm by using relevant keywords and integrating trendy hashtags to boost your posts. Hashtags serve as a way for you to maximize your reach by aligning yourself in a collection of posts similar to what your target audience wants to see. Unsure of what hashtags to use? Maybe try with the basics like #food or #foodie where you’d never go wrong. Tag your location along like #sandiegofoodie and you’re a step closer to reaching your customers!

As a restaurant, it’s best to explore these hashtags related to your services and stick to the ones that actually generate engagements. When in doubt, go get that #clout!

Never forget your call-to-actions (CTAs)

Okay so you’ve laid out your enticing photos matched with catchy captions and your overall brand is on point for your target niche to see – what do they do next? The job doesn’t stop at presenting your content, you need to let your customers know what step to take next!

Instagram Stories is a good feature to use in engaging your audience with a specific call to action. With Instagram Stories popping up for no more than 15 seconds, customers can decide almost instantly whether or not to click your link. So you might want to integrate CTAs that will capture the attention of your customers in 15 seconds no less!

Be consistent!

The key to success is consistency! Constantly set goals and never stop at a minimum – follow a target reach of followers and engagements and lay out a plan on how you can achieve your goal. Remember: Instagram, just like any other social media, is very much fast-paced – which means that inactivity will cause users to eventually forget about you.

Don’t hesitate to put your restaurant out there and be active not only in creating your content but also with engaging your target niche and making connections with other businesses that might help you grow!

Most importantly, don’t forget to celebrate your wins because each step you take is a milestone of your greatness.

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