6 San Diego Cafés Only Locals Know

Do you ever have those days where a bad morning mood automatically ruins your whole day? It sure sucks! Guess that’s why they say that all happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. We all deserve to begin our day right with a vitalizing meal and get that rush of endorphins!


Of course, mornings go by really fast so sometimes we tend to just skip the most important meal of the day. That’s why instead of waking up early and stressing out with what to cook or indulging in not-so-healthy instant foods, eating healthy and delicious meals from places nearby would be a good option!


Luckily, we’ve listed down our most favorite breakfast spots around San Diego to help you with your quick morning runs!


Phatties Bakery

Start your day sweet with luscious pastries from Phatties Bakery in Point Loma. Donuts, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, and many more – name it and it’s yours! The best part is that they’re vegan and gluten-free!. Pair it with a cup from their espresso bar and you’ll get on your day with a big smile. 


Make sure to drop by on their Free Coffee Tuesdays – every Tuesday, you may receive a house drip coffee along with ordering any of their menus! 


Maggie’s Cafe

On your days off from school or work where you have the luxury of time, check out Maggie’s Cafe with your friends and family. This cafe is an exciting spot for people to get together and share meaningful conversations over a cup of coffee and sensational specials!


For starters, we highly recommend their Maggie’s Quesadilla, Pretzel Puffs, and Taco samplers! You may also want to grab their Taco Tuesday specials (our fave!)

Moe Coffee

Fresh bread and balanced coffee – our one true pair! Craving for this classic breakfast combo? Head over to Moe Coffee for a chill and familiar dining experience. They have your favorite Americano, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Lattes, Matcha, and many more. Complete your coffee run with a Blackberry Banana Muffin, Cheese Danish, or their vegan Creamy Spinach Cheese Pockets!

Garden Coffee

Feel the morning breeze as you indulge in a tasty meal with Garden Coffee’s outdoor dining theme. Watch out for their amazing gluten-free and nut-free cookies plus their vegan Blackberry Cream Cheese Pocket, Pumpkin Cream Cheese Mini Loaf, Apple Tart, and lots of other exciting pastries to choose from! 


All of these delicacies while keeping it cozy with the garden vibe!


Le Parfait Paris

Dare to dine in a Parisian experience in the heart of San Diego with Le Parfait Paris! This award winning French bakery is definitely a must try. Enjoy their seasoned treats and many more amazing desserts, especially their Macaron variety. 

They have various locations throughout California and they also have nationwide shipping options to make sure no one would miss out on their delightful desserts!

Better Buzz

Have the best breakfast with Better Buzz and their unique menu offers at each San Diego location. Lattes, smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, soft serve, ice blended coffees, and hot cup house blend coffees – best believe they craft every item with care and intention. 

Want to know more about where to go for breakfast in San Diego? Look no further because a longer list of our favorite places is up on the Savorite App! Tap here to find more. 

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