Adapting your restaurant to a post COVID-19 world

In the last months, restaurant owners had to face the abrupt lack of consumer demand brought about by COVID-19, which forced many to adjust their business model to survive. At the same time, consumers had to adopt new habits surrounding dining at restaurants and eating in general. This left many wondering how the restaurant industry would look like during a post COVID-19 world.

While we know this uncertain time creates unique challenges, Savorite is working hard to support local businesses to help keep our communities cooking through this crisis and beyond. Whether you’re a casual or fine dining restaurant, café, bar or food truck, Savorite is ready to help you get back on your feet.

How Savorite adapts to your business

When it comes to your restaurant, there isn't anyone better to serve your customers than you. That's why we've created the Savorite app to tailor to your business needs and represent your brand the best way possible.

With Savorite, restaurants are in full control of pushing deals to nearby customers in accordance with the number of tables available. With so few tables allowed at a time, we understand the important each cover brings to a restaurant’s bottom line.

Savorite deals are limited and encourage customers to take advantage of dining discounts during slower times of the day. Deals are curated to the times you choose, number of tables you have available, discounts you’d like to offer and more. Best of all, deals are posted in real-time, allowing customers to place immediate bookings that are instantly confirmed.

More ways to stay connected

As restaurants prepare to reopen to offer limited dine-in services, we’re putting safety first. We understand some customers may feel more comfortable to continue practicing social distancing and prefer to limit exposure to public areas. To stay connected, Savorite also enables restaurants to share takeout only deals to generate awareness and keep engaged with customers. Restaurants can simply indicate if they’re offering dine-in or takeout deals at the tap of a button. Customers can quickly filter this to ensure they are receiving the most relevant experience possible.

Focusing on our future

While we don’t know what the future holds, what’s certain is that most people are eager to get back to their favorite restaurants and enjoy a little sense of hospitality. Whether it’s the warm greeting when customers walk in the door or the fresh smell of food that lingers from the kitchen, it’s hard to beat the energy that comes while dining out. As foodies and avid diners ourselves, we’ll be right there with you to help diners rediscover their love for your great dining experience.