Best cheap eats in Gaslamp and East Village

This week, we're introducing you to some of our favorite eateries collated into a slide just for you.

Welcome Big Thyme Sandwiches, Poke Vida, Veggilish, Tropical Bar & Grill, Moe Beans and Huapangos to the Savorite fam!

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Best sandwiches in San Diego

Big Thyme Sandwiches

Trust us when we say this, but this isn’t your typical sandwich shop. These guys have honed a menu of decadent sandwiches and salads made out of hand selected, locally sourced ingredients from the coastal region.

Try “The 47” sandwich, a combination of roast turkey, avocado, heirloom tomatoes and garlic-thyme aioli or their “Perfect Chickpea” sandwich, a flavorful vegan option with fresh veggies dressed in a coconut chipotle sauce. To top it all off, have their raspberry and walnut kombucha float, you won’t regret it!

Best Poke in San Diego

Poke Vida

Packed with flavor, nutrients, color, and texture, who would say no to a poke bowl? If you’re a sushi fan and have not had poke before, make your way to Poke Vida on 10th Avenue in East Village and you might just fall in love!

Poke Vida is a new poke bowl shop guaranteed to amp up your day through the freshest fish and ingredients you could find. To complement the delightful flavor of Hawaii in your bowl, the Poke Vida shop bears a colorful aesthetic that is an absolute eye-candy, sure to add a refreshing and energetic vibe to your day.

P.S. Their nitro cold brew selection just might have you coming back to this place too!

Vegan food deals in San Diego


If you’re looking for a delicious twist to an ordinary everyday salad, Veggilish is the perfect option. This fast casual eatery has established itself as a staple for clean and nutritious eating.

Chef owner, Damian Gonzalez, opened its doors in 2015 with a mission to support its customers in achieving the best version of themselves. Head over to Seventh Avenue for an amazing selection of vegan and vegetarian bowls, complete with their house-made dressings that compliment every flavor your palette craves.

Did we mention their green power smoothie or their hibiscus tea? You’ll thank us later!


Tropical Bar & Grill

If you crave a quick escape to the islands, this refreshingly bold eatery on 4th Avenue is sure to give you a satisfying Caribbean moment. Serving authentic Latin-Carribean cuisine, Tropical Savor’s colorful, full-flavored dishes are ready to give you a solid island vibe.

A unique and worthy pick among a sea of spectacular restaurants downtown, Tropical Savor is vouched by its Carribean native regulars. Be sure to try their top dish, Rabo de Vaca Guisado (stewed oxtails) along with other ones like Shrimp Mofongo, Tostones, Sancocho, and many more! In any case, you can’t go wrong picking anything off of Tropical Savor’s menu, so you might as well relax as if you were truly on a vacation.

And what's a vacation without amazing drinks? Don’t forget their classic cocktails — they're guaranteed to complete your “trip!”

Best coffee in SD

Moe Beans

These days, it’s not easy to pick out the best coffee shop to chill or have that productive meeting in, however, if it's masterfully-crafted coffee in a homey ambience that you’d rather have, then head right over to MoeBeans. Located on 6th Avenue in Gaslamp, MoeBeans will certainly not disappoint. Choose one of your favorites or try their bestsellers, Vanilla and Mexicano Lattes or their cold brew — it’s one of the best in the neighborhood!

But coffee isn't the only thing they're doing! They also have protein and fruit smoothies, vegan and vegetarian sandwiches and even a hearty acai bowl that will for sure freshen your day. MoeBeans is a distinctive coffee heaven with a little a bit of everything for everyone.

Best açai bowls in San Diego

Vitality Tap

There’s no better place to get your daily dose of all things healthy than at Vitality Tap. This health & wellness bar on 1st Avenue is a one-stop shop with an endless menu of the freshest “superfoods."

Not only are their eats and curated beverages ultra-healthy, they taste incredible too — even kids approve! You can have your dose of micronutrients in a fresh salad, dessert bowl, cold-pressed juice or smoothie.

As an added bonus, purchase one of their many bottled organic juices to stock up at home! Just make sure to consume them within five days as they're freshly juiced on the spot, which means no added preservatives of any kind.

Truly at the forefront of the health revolution, Vitality Tap supercharges your well-being and your day!