Savorite’s Favorites: Burgers

Get ready for back-to-back burger exclusive offers for our exciting Burger Tour in San Diego with 619 Spirits, Crazee Burger, Bubba’s Smokehouse BBQ, Metl Bar and Kimball Coastal Eatery, only with Savorite!

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Eat Like a Foodie, Save Like a Student

Eat Like a Foodie, Save Like a Student

Whenever we dine, our hearts are always in the right place but sometimes our pockets just say no – so what do we do to continue fulfilling our taste-driven desires while still keeping it budget friendly?

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Date Spots

5 Hot Date Spots in San Diego

In need of a special treat with your other half to match the heat of this season? Take your pick from these restaurants serving romance on a plate to keep both your hearts and stomachs full!

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Food Fest

Savorite Food Fest | Dec 7-18

Christmas cookies

Best holiday gift ideas

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