Cute Cafes in LA to Add to Your List


From quick morning runs to late night cravings, or even chill afternoon dates and study errands – it’s always a good time for a cup of coffee! With LA’s dynamic and diverse coffee scene, your much needed caffeine fix might just be brewing around the corner.

So to our fellow coffee lovers, great news – we’ve done the search! Head over to these cute cafes around town we handpicked just for you. Who knows? You might catch on deals and promos exclusive on the Savorite app!

Mugs Coffee Roasters

Yes, we love coffee – but not more than dogs, though! Unleash your dog-loving, caffeine addict side at the same time because Mugs Coffee Roasters not only provides you with the best tasting coffee roast, they also do so with the advocacy of helping our four-legged best friends.

From iced horchata drinks, iced matcha and chai, iced seasonal drinks, iced keto friendly, iced coffee drinks, cold foams, and iced caffeine drinks, and to their hot drink counterparts – there’s never a dull moment.

Cha Redefine

Quick question: are you a coffee or a tea person? Well, our two favorite drinks have finally TEA-med up! For our tea enthusiasts out there, the coffee vs tea thirst dilemma is over with Cha Redefine’s traditional tea combined with modern brewing methods that reimagines the way we know and love our drinks.

They serve you with a selection of unique blends of tea flavors from all across the borders of Asia infused with fresh local ingredients of nutritious nuts and seasonal fruits to create a taste and an aroma like no other.

Cafe Lovi

You know what they say – where there’s good coffee, comes great bread! Get the best of both worlds with Cafe Lovi’s Italian-style espresso drinks matched with their signature challah sandwiches.

Vegan? Gluten-free? Diet-friendly options? Name it and it’s yours. They also offer a wide range of Jewish-inspired pastries and sweets that would turn your dreadful Mondays into TGIF feels!

Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen

Get energized with coffee and empowered by the climb because Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen is ready to serve you both. Their simple and nourishing food offerings from breakfast and lunch to coffee, juices, and pastries are perfect to kickstart your slow mornings or spice up your boring afternoons.

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