Driving Traffic During Off Peak Hours

For a restaurant to be successful, it needs to be able to fill as many empty seats as often as possible. To accomplish this, restaurants must appeal to the interest of a wide range of customers — considering dining behaviors like schedule, budget, preference and lifestyle. Though, regardless of how impressive a restaurant is, all restaurants share one common problem: off-peak hours.

Think about it. For every hour a table is left empty, that table contributes $0 to a restaurant’s bottom line. Even more troublesome are fixed expenses such as rent, utility and salaries that are eating away at their peak time profits and bottom line.

To avoid the cyclical periods of peaks and troughs, restaurants turn to the Savorite app to help stimulate traffic during off-peak times to revive their business!

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Say hello to Savorite

Savorite is a restaurant marketing and bookings platform designed to attract customers and fill empty tables. Similar to the traditional happy hour, Savorite incentivizes diners to eat during low demand periods. The difference, Savorite is 100% digitized from the convenience of its app, giving restaurants complete control and accessibility to share deals in real-time to help drive traffic during those specific times they need.

Here’s how it works:
  • Open the Savorite app and choose an offer for 10-50% off your menu
  • Apply your discount to the number of tables you have available
  • Select the hours you want the customers to come in

    These offers are immediately pushed to our community of nearby diners and can be booked instantaneously. Easy! Right?

  • How Savorite helps

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