Eat Like a Foodie, Save Like a Student

For us foodies, food is more than just a basic necessity in our everyday lives. We see food as a passion, an avenue for creativity, and a source of comfort. Whenever we dine, our hearts are always in the right place but sometimes our pockets just say no – so what do we do to continue fulfilling our taste-driven desires while still keeping it budget friendly?

Live Local

Surely, we often like to stick to the familiarity of well-known restaurants, it’s always convenient to opt for your go-to places for specific cravings. You may think that exploring other flavors in different places seems like a high-priced activity – but you actually don’t need to look further than the lively local food places in San Diego!

Dare to dine boldly by discovering cheaper yet high quality alternatives to your go-to cravings from underrated places in your friendly neighborhood. In this way, you not only choose the more economical option, you can also help enliven the local dining scene in your area by promoting small food businesses – talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

Cheap tacos in San Diego

Dive into Discounts

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, but spend money like a student by making use of Savorite’s exclusive deals available at your expense! Whether it be a buy 1 get 1 promo or a deal for 30% off your total bill – it never hurts to claim something that’s given free of charge!

If you’re a social media addict like us, it would be a piece of cake for you to constantly watch out for the launching of deals and promos in different social networking sites of restaurants or on different mobile applications catering food and drinks service like the Savorite app!

Dive into Discounts

Save with Savorite

So now that we’re ready to live locally and dive into discounts, how do we do these things simultaneously? Savorite combines these two things into one single platform where you can search for different local food places near you while also checking their ongoing deals right away!

Treat every meal like a feast when you download the Savorite app for free, discover your new potential go-to coffee, burger, pizza, or dessert places, and get them at discounted prices each time you dine! Finally ready to eat like a foodie and save like a student?

Here’s how to get access to the best deals in San Diego:

1. Download the Savorite app from the App Store or Play Store
2. Check out the app daily to see what offers are available each day
3. Claim your free deal before they're all gone
4. Head to the restaurant and show your in-app voucher to redeem.


Download Savorite

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