Expanding Your Restaurant's Online Presence

When it comes to marketing, it’s true that quality is better than quantity. But if you’re still lost at sea in the multitude of marketing channels prevailing on the net, then it’s time to start experimenting! 


We’re all pretty much aware of two of the biggest social networking platforms out there – Instagram and Facebook (Read: 5 Hacks to Restaurant Marketing on Instagram). It’s almost standard for businesses of all kinds to advertise their brands and products on these two platforms. But if you’re looking to expand beyond these two – brand recognition and functionality-wise – then keep reading!


It takes time and effort to really find the platform that matches your needs, and we’re here to guide you on how to use these websites, apps, and tools to help you ace your marketing strategies and get those engagements rolling!



You might be wondering – how can an oldie like me possibly keep up with the enthusiasm and wit of Gen Z? Scratch that thought because TikTok is surely a platform for everyone! Before you close your doors, do take note that TikTok is a rapidly growing social networking app that will be highly beneficial to you. 


This short-form video hosting service allows you to advertise your products in 3-minute videos or less and instantly reach users even without having a large follower count. Its unique algorithm already does the work by connecting you with users who are most likely interested in your product. 


With the help of organized content ideation and scheduling, keeping up with trends, and constantly studying your analytics, you’ll find yourself becoming a TikTok addict just like the rest of us!


TikTok for Business offers a variety of solutions to help small businesses grow which involves maximizing the impact of your brand through personalized ads and giving organic content a boost in users’ feeds.


Get started with TikTok here!



Look beyond aesthetic moodboards to see how Pinterest can actually help you in growing your online presence! 


Basically, Pinterest is a portal of ideas and inspiration. Businesses utilize this app’s visual search engine functionality as a way to organically reach users who are deliberately looking for the content or product that they market. It proves to be a perfect place for you to spotlight your brand to an information-hungry marketplace that’s looking to consume a product like yours!


On Pinterest, you aren’t limited to photography – you can have pins of link redirects to your social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, to your online stores, or to your general website to help you gain traction and to bridge interested users with their needs all at the same time. 


Social media marketers who use Pinterest Business manage the platform to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness, drive traffic to their online channels, and seal the deal with successful sign ups or purchases.


Inspire people with Pinterest now!



Social media isn’t the only way to seep into the minds of your users – the traditional emailing still works wonders! We’ve moved past not only the era of handwritten mail, but also the practice of manually emailing especially for businesses like you. This is where a marketing automation platform like Mailchimp comes in handy!


Bring in your contact data and integrate user subscriptions within Mailchimp and get ready to be provided with helpful insights about your audience, find new ways to talk to people, and explore new avenues to reach more people. Its flexible email marketing tools make it easy to navigate and use! 


Before anything else, of course, you have to create solid email marketing campaigns that won’t end up unopened in the inboxes of users. Mailchimp also helps you build your brand messaging based on the content and contacts you provide to ease you in the path of turning casual window shoppers into loyal customers.


Spread the word through Mailchimp!


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If you’re a growing business, it’s important to constantly stay on top of your daily and long-term operations and ultimate goals. Notion, as it prides itself as the All-in-One Workplace, is a project management and note-taking software platform designed to help members of companies or organizations coordinate deadlines, objectives, and assignments for greater efficiency and productivity.


From its excellent database functions to its integration with other productivity apps such as Trello, Google Apps, and Slack. Notion can be used as the skeleton of your growing company. It’s not just efficient for marketing to sales, but also with ideating your goals, analyzing customer success, and product roadmaps. It is the perfect resource hub, progress tracker, company wiki, and many more!


As a marketing tool, you can create content calendars, registers for your prompts, and idea dumps, separated per platform each with their own progress tracking properties.


Start organizing like no other – here are some Notion marketing templates to help you kickstart your Notion journey! 


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