Level Up Your Restaurant Ambiance

Okay, so you’ve done everything right – from choosing the optimal location, catering to your target market, marketing on social media, launching deals and promos, serving the best food – what’s next?

Don’t feel discouraged with possible slow-paced growth, success doesn’t come in an instant. If you ever find your restaurant still empty despite doing everything by the book or if you just plainly want to boost your sales, it might be time to go beyond the bare minimum and see how else you can stretch out your creativity!

Here are a few good investments you might want to consider to level up the ambiance of your restaurant!

Show off your brand

Tell your restaurant’s stories on the walls of your place! More than just making your mark through delicious tastes, it’s about the subtle fun facts about your place that will stick to the hearts and minds of your customers. This way, they can unconsciously associate you to things other than food!

Try to answer these questions: what inspired you to start a food business? Why did you choose to specialize in this cuisine? What is the origin of your restaurant name? Brand awareness is not necessarily about being unique – but it is about being able to make your name recognizable and memorable.



Whenever we travel, we always make sure to look for the most beautiful spots in that place to make our Instagram photos ever so dashing! To hit two birds with one stone, tourists usually search for local restaurants which have both good food and a breathtaking view. Of course – geographically speaking – you can’t possibly move oceans to your windows to create that seaside view. Instead, why not give your customers a view from the inside?

In a long list of positive adjectives to describe your restaurant, it’s a big plus to have “Instagrammable” as one of them!

Food has indeed become a big part of social media – and you have to adapt to this growing trend in order to fill your empty seats. Transform your restaurant into a sight to see by tapping into the latest interior design trend or you could also stick to your own unique theme. Here are some of the important things to take note of: deciding on a color scheme, adapting to modern designs, putting up good lighting, playing soothing music.

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Upgrade your menus

Beauty comes from within, but your diners would surely judge your food by its cover. We’re sure you’re serving fantastic bestsellers – but do they appear as good as they taste in your menus?

Browse through your menus and assess for yourself. Is the font you’re using readable and still in style? Are the photos and descriptions appealing enough to leave customers drooling at first glance?


Superb Service

It’s always a good feeling to be cheerfully welcomed! Out of all that has been mentioned, your staff is of course the most important element not only to keep your kitchen functioning but also to keep your customers coming.

Right from the moment diners enter your doors, your staff already determines the overall vibe of your restaurant. It’s important to radiate a welcoming, accommodating, and enthusiastic energy! You don’t have to go all the way to give them a show – leave that one for tour guides. But a generous reception would significantly improve their overall dining experience.

Customer service

Bonus tip: Bathrooms!

When we’ve had one too many mimosas, nature will surely come calling. And where else would we take those fire mirror selfies than in a neat and well-lit bathroom?

It may seem kind of bizarre to even spend extra time overthinking your sinks and toilets but you’ll eventually understand why! The secret is that the state of your bathroom determines the actual cleanliness of your whole restaurant. It’s fairly easy to keep your tables clean and your plates shiny, but bathrooms are for another conversation.

So for cleanliness, aesthetics, and hygiene – above all else – keep your bathrooms in check!


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