Savorite for Restaurants

General Support

Savorite will be launching in San Diego in October and is now accepting early adopters for our Savorite Restaurant Relief Program. Tap here to learn more.

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and are prepared to help you serve more guests through this pandemic and beyond.

You decide when and how you want your campaigns to run. Savorite campaigns allow you to optimize your occupancy rate and serve more customers at times you need them most. 

Know you’ll have a few empty tables before the 7 o’clock dinner rush? No problem! Select your discount, time, number of available tables and you’re set – it’s that easy!

Savorite makes every effort to ensure that your restaurant is showcased at its very best.

When you sign up to partner with us, you become a featured Merchant on the platform. This helps generate traffic and online visibility through a number of our marketing channels. Each month we’ll optimize your campaigns to drive engagement, grow awareness for your brand and maximize your bottom line. 

Customers must arrive at your restaurant by the time of their booking. If your customer and all of their guests are more than 15 minutes late, it is your discretion to accept the customer’s booking and apply their discount.

Our in-app ratings are calculated through user reviews after dining at your restaurant. To receive positive feedback, simply do what you do best – serve your customers! It is best practice to let staff know when Savorite campaigns are going to be available for discounts to be properly applied to your Savorite guests.

Reviews are constantly monitored by our Support team to ensure user’s get the best experience possible. If you believe a user’s review violates our Terms & Conditions, please contact us immediately at support@savoriteapp.com.

Thinking about joining Savorite? Check us out here.

If you’re ready to join or would like to chat with us, fill out our form here to reach us. We’ll get back to you and guide you through this process to get you up and running on Savorite.

Account Support

Please contact us at support@savoriteapp.com from the email you used to create your Savorite Merchant account.

You can edit your communication preference settings from your mobile device settings to prevent receiving unwanted notifications from us.

To unsubscribe from receiving our newsletter emails, click the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of our emails that you have received to unsubscribe from that list.

If you wish to close your Savorite Merchant account, please contact our Merchant Support by clicking on the Support button within the “My Profile” page of the app. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to deactivate the account.

Contact us via the app’s built-in Support feature or by email to support@savoriteapp.com to report any issues you are having. We will get a member of our team to resolve it as soon as possible.

We are constantly evolving and would love to hear your feedback on any built-in features you had in mind. Contact us via the app’s built-in Support feature or by email to support@savoriteapp.com.