Savorite's Favorite: Burgers

To give you a recap, we’ve already acknowledged the holy trinity of our favorite American food — pizzas, donuts, and burgers. Now, it’s time we dive in on the juiciest, cheesiest, and thickest of these favorites!


Here are a few common answers as to why burgers keep us coming back for more!

Burgers are affordable and convenient

Best believe you don’t need to create elaborate budget plans to have a quick burger meal. You can grab a regular burger from McDonalds for as low as $2 or a gourmet burger from Crazee Burger for as low as $8.99 – whichever fits your needs and cravings!


Its convenience does not stop at being budget-friendly, burgers are also quick and easy to eat. From the process of ordering, taking out, and having it on the go, everything is hassle-free! 

Crazee Burger

Burgers are fit for every occasion

Question: are burgers formal enough for a fancy occasion? Or are they romantic enough for an intimate dinner date? Are they fun enough to be served at daytime parties? The answer is yes, yes, and yes! 

Who’s to tell when you can and can’t have burgers? Sometimes, we put so much pressure on dining that we stress ourselves into searching for the perfect cuisine to fit the occasion. But at the back of our minds, all we really need is a patty fix.


Burgers are creative and versatile

Burgers are a work of art. Period. And what’s more exciting is that most of the time, we get to be the artists! There’s no one way to serve and eat burgers, there’s always an ingredient, a spice, or a vibe that distinguishes one burger from another. 

Go basic or go bold? That’s not a problem. Fast food burgers, street stall burgers, fine dining burgers, vegan burgers – a first bite of these variations would offer a hungry stomach the same amount of satisfaction. 


Burgers are comforting

Need a hug? Have a burger. What’s a better way to spend a lonely Friday night than to stuff our faces in a juicy beef patty? To munch on crispy caramelized onions and crunchy fried bacon? To lick on flavorful dressings and sauces? 

More often than not, we would choose to eat food that is not only familiar to us but we know for sure would bring us comfort – and burgers are always our friendly option! In a menu filled with exquisite dishes with names we’ve never heard of, seeing hamburgers on the list is like seeing a friend in a room full of strangers.

Because of the sense of familiarity it brings to us as diners, a lot of restaurants would deliberately include it even only as a part of their appetizers to give their customers something they would always consider as an option.


Burgers are everywhere

Let’s face it — you would NEVER NOT know where to get burgers. Am I right? Whether it’s Burger King or a neighborhood food stall or a school cafeteria, there’s always a way to get our hands on a much-craved burger without having to exert much effort of searching and traveling! 


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