Savorite’s Favorites: Tacos

It doesn’t have to be a Tuesday for us to crave tacos – this savory treat is up for grabs any day of the week! With tons of great Mexican restaurants at every corner of San Diego, it’s not a challenge to search for delicious tacos when you’re up for it. But among the other most common foods in America, why do tacos stand out?


Here are a few common reasons as to why tacos got us wrapped around our fingers!

Cultural Influences

The Mexican influence makes up for a huge part of the country’s culture and heritage. Mexican Americans have made significant contributions to society and their flavorful cuisine is surely one of the most impactful. And tacos serve as a common symbol reflecting this vibrant influence in the country!

Variety of Ingredients

An interesting fact about tacos is that it can fit any type of diet. As Americans strive to consume more healthy food than the common greasy type of meals, tacos present themselves as an option that is made up of ingredients from all food groups – perfect for a balanced meal! 


Aside from that, these ingredients are prepared fresh from farmlands and contain nutrients such as proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.

Customizable for your Taste

When ordering tacos, we learn to think outside the box because of the numerous options presented before us. Most taco places, if not all,  in San Diego give you the freedom to personalize your taco ingredients, toppings, and salsas to suit your tastes well. 


Finding the right combination of ingredients shouldn’t be a big problem as your heart, mind, and taste buds would surely lead you to the perfect one! Besides, these various spices already serve as a secret trick to the delectability of Mexican food.


You don’t need large sums of money to get your stomachs full when you’re out eating Mexican food. For even as low as $1.00, you can get your hands on some hearty tacos!  For just a few more dollars, give a try for a tasty tostada, burrito or enchilada. And of course, you can’t go wrong washing it all down with a cold brew in hand or a refreshing michelada!


Feel free to check out our go-to taco places on the Savorite app such as Tacos El Cabron, Tita’s Taco Shop, and El Toro Tacos and watch out for deals up to 30% off to make an already affordable meal even more budget-friendly!


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