Why offer restaurant discounts?

Discounts have been the backbone of the consumer market for decades and will continue to be so for years to come, regardless of the advancements that may evolve. Why? Because people will always choose the deal.


If done properly, offering discounts can be extremely beneficial to you and your restaurant. In fact, discounts are quite the successful psychological tactic to draw in customers! It’s proven that when a promotion is offered serotonin levels increase and the person is more opt to indulge.


Not convinced yet on the power of discounts? Here are three main benefits:


1. It’s A Win-Win!

Majority of restaurants, regardless of success, experience slow hours throughout the day. The result is not only $0 contribution to their bottom line, but also mass food waste and the hourly incurring payments towards salaries, utilities, rent, etc.


An off-peak special can incentivize customers, who might not have otherwise visited, to be drawn in during these lull hours. They receive a delicious meal at a discount, while restaurants look forward to a filled table that would’ve been left empty, reducing waste and increasing profit all around. 


It’s a win-win for everyone that is involved!

Restaurant Discounts

2. Build an Atmosphere

As a restaurant owner, it’s important to have every customer feel invited by the food, service and vibe of their surroundings. A significant key to this alluring environment is having customers in the door to create a sense of social proof. 


Social proof, a psychological and societal concept, whereby people are persuaded to choose one option over another because it’s endorsed by more people. Social proof has the power to influence people’s behaviors, because people trust the opinions of others, being able to utilize this human impulse will greatly benefit your restaurant marketing strategies and incoming traffic. 

Restaurant Discounts

3. Reach More People

When a discount is offered, your doors are open to a new audience who might not have had this opportunity prior. Getting people excited to try something new, in a location they haven’t been!


This buzz surrounding your restaurant via the promotion gets people eager to share the news! In addition to this word of mouth marketing, using a digital format to deliver the deal is an excellent way to reach thousands of customers in a matter of seconds.

Restaurant Discounts

How Savorite Helps

There are countless ways to use discounts to get more leads and sales for your restaurant. Using the Savorite app is a sure way to accomplish this!


Savorite is a marketing and bookings platform that equips restaurants with an easy-to-use tool to target slow hours, allowing them to adjust their prices based on their demand through limited-time discounts. 

Food and Drinks Deals

How to get started?

You may visit our website to learn more about how Savorite can help you grow your business! Get easily started with Savorite here!

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