Your 2023 Foodie Resolutions

And that’s a wrap for 2022! Before we start anew this year, let’s raise a toast to all the good food we shared in great company this past year. Now, onto the next!


Your dining resolutions for the year to come does not have to be a pressuring diet plan or a demanding bucket list of restaurants. It can be as simple and as natural as rediscovering the way you like your food or even exploring food places you never thought of trying before. Part of us growing another year older means giving ourselves the opportunity of trying new things.


Here are a few resolutions to make you excited and ready to dine in 2023! These will surely get you fueled mentally and physically to take on whatever this new year brings.

Explore Vegan or Vegetarian

We’re not saying you should shift your entire lifestyle and advocacies, but trying out vegan or vegetarian food is a great opportunity to learn more about nutrition if you’re into it. Think about it less on the absence of meat but more on the savory of veggie dishes! 


Let’s kickstart your veggie adventure with a few suggestions: try Freshii for a healthy taste of burritos, wraps, and bowls, Pokedon for vegetarian poke, and Coconut Girl Kitchen for Thai-style vegan dishes!

Explore Vegan or Vegetarian​

Get Greasy

Life is too short to miss out on our favorite burgers and pizzas! Now it’s not advisable to eat these greasy guilty pleasures every single day – but once in a while should preserve a good balance.


Check out Savorite’s Favorites: Burgers for some of our most trusted burger places in town! Of course, the city’s also rich with local pizza joints  such as Pesto Italian Craft Kitchen, D’Amatos Pizza, Farmer’s Table, and SD Tap Room! Hungry yet?

Best burgers LA

Indulge in Elegance

You know that one fine dining place you’ve always wanted to try but never seemed to find an occasion to do so? Well, you don’t need a fancy event to treat yourself and your family to a special meal! 


Let Bubba’s Smokehouse BBQ bring your sensational steak cravings into life through its mouth-watering selection of meat platters consisting of pulled pork, beef brisket, BBQ chicken, smoked beef, baby back ribs, and many more. 


Not up for steak? We also absolutely love ensaladas and enchiladas at Huapangos, and seared salmon at FireFly Eatery & Bar!

Indulge in Elegance

Start a Food Vlog

Share your taste bud adventures with your fellow passionate foodies! Let other people be inspired by your 2023 journey with new dishes, unique cuisines, and special restaurants by starting your own series whether it be through Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok. The world is excited to hear from you!


At Savorite, we strive to inspire both diners and restaurant owners alike to keep the food scene in San Diego alive and on fire. If you have what it takes to empower our growing foodie community, then you’re a perfect fit for our #SavoriteSquad! Take a closer look at what the Savorite Brand Ambassador Program has in store for you here.

Start a Food Vlog

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