Made in America: Your Favorite American Food on Savorite

Over the years, American cuisine has developed into a dynamic selection of delicacies shaped not only by the western and native influence but with influences from all over the world. Foodies like us enjoy exploring the different tastes of the town most especially when we’re traveling to new places – we never miss an opportunity to heed the calls of our hungry curiosity. But on days that we don’t really feel like getting out of our comfort zone, we can’t help but go back to our roots to feel the comfort of home through classic cravings. When in doubt, these American food staples surely never miss!

So here’s to the Savorite App bringing together all of your faves in one platform – grab a bite of your go-to meals but with a locally-made twist!


Surprise surprise! Who doesn’t love a good ground meat patty sandwiched between two soft buns and a thick slab of cheese? A drive thru to your local McDonald’s is always the safest option for this type of comfort food. But why choose that when your local burger places around San Diego offer you a new authentic taste to your beloved burgers.

Check out the menus of local burger places like Bubba’s Smokehouse BBQ, Firefly Eatery & Bar, Metl Bar, and Crazee Burger all on the Savorite App! You might even run into deals up to 25% off on your meal while you’re at it!


If you’re ever looking for the perfect dessert that’s not too sugary but still as flavorful, donuts are your best bet! On those chill and lazy days, don’t you just get the urge to stuff your faces in a box of fluffy donuts? It’s always a great time to treat yourself to a glazed, chocolate frosted, or jelly-filled delight!

So to our fellow sweet tooths here in San Diego, you might want to explore Donut Bar’s selection of uniquely flavored vegan-friendly donuts matched with house-made espresso and zesty teas. We heard they’ve got up to 50% off deals headed your way!


Truth be told, we never not crave pizza! Whether it’s freshly made dough from the oven or cold pizza from the fridge, we’ll surely fight for the last piece every chance we get. Surely we all have our go-to pizza delivery hotlines engraved at the tip of our minds – always ready for that one call away to order. Every now and then, it might be good to add a little bit of spice pizza fantasies – say, a San Diego twist?

Join us in Savorite as we celebrate Pizza month together with San Diego’s local pizza places Pesto Italian Craft Kitchen, D’Amatos Pizza, Farmer’s Table, SD Tap Room serving you exciting deals on a platter!

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